Adopting a rescue dog from abroad is a uniquely rewarding experience for both dog and rescuer. A truly symbiotic journey, rescuing a stray not only gives a dog a second chance at happiness – the chance to get off the streets and into a loving, forever home – it also teaches the adopter a powerful and utterly transformative lesson about love, loyalty, forgiveness and resilience.

Rehoming remains a core element of our mission for many reasons, which is why we are committed to helping thousands more dogs in need find the forever home they so sorely deserve.

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Addressing the present, alongside the future

With 600 million stray dogs in the world, it would be unrealistic to believe that rehoming alone can solve this burgeoning problem. Around 1 billion puppies are born each year* – a number that far exceeds demand from potential adopters. It is for this reason that we are so committed to funding high-volume sterilisation initiatives, to prevent the problem from growing any further. And yet, for those already born into a life of struggle, these measures are too late to improve their quality of life.

For those dogs battling against starvation, disease, abuse and neglect, rehoming provides the only hope of a truly safe and loving future. Every dog deserves – at the very least – shelter, food and security. But the gift of a home, somewhere they can be loved, cherished and treated to the dedicated care and attention that all dogs crave, is incomparable.

Our rehoming efforts focus on helping as many stray dogs as possible. No matter their age, size or background, we look to change their dire fate and find them the kind of life where they can not only survive, but thrive.

*Tragically, around 80% of these puppies will die before reaching adolescence – a brutal indicator of how just how harsh life on the streets is. 

Sterilisation and education

Every dog adopted through Wild at Heart Foundation is one more dog off the street, one less dog fated to birth to multiple litters, one more dog given the chance to experience the kind of love they deserve. All dogs adopted through the charity must be sterilised according to our adoption contract (either before they’re rehomed or – if they are too young – by their adopters once they’ve settled into their new home). This stipulation ensures that thousands more dogs are sterilised, and prevents the risk of further puppies being born when there are still millions around the world in desperate need of a home.

What’s more, we’ve seen first hand just how transformative a rescue dog can be to the lives of our adopters. Even experienced dog-owners have been amazed by just how much they learn about these incredible creatures throughout the adoption journey, and we’ve seen time and time again the power a rescue dog has to change mindsets and lives. We strongly believe that rescue dogs can teach all of us the most vital and pertinent of lessons: from resilience and forgiveness, to better empathy, ethics and compassion, our rescue dogs have served to educate thousands of households here in the UK.

Our non-discriminatory adoption policy

Here at Wild at Heart Foundation, we’re incredibly proud of our open-minded adoption policy, and will consider each and every application that we receive. We have no blanket rules that discriminate based on age, income, living situation, or profession. Instead, we choose to assess our adopters’ suitability for a dog on their commitment, responsibility and willingness to adapt.

As such, we have rehomed hundreds of dogs to people who have previously been turned away from mainstream adoption charities, including:

  • expecting parents
  • young families
  • people living in flats / urban areas
  • people with a fulltime job

If a person is able to demonstrate how they’ll make the necessary provisions to overcome these traditional blockers, we firmly believe that they should be given the chance to experience the joy of dog ownership. What’s more, for the majority of our dogs, life in a loving home – regardless of where it is and who is in it – will be significantly better than the life they have come from and the future they faced prior to adoption.

Rehoming allows us to extend the privilege of welcoming a dog into your life to hundreds more people, and prevents those who have been turned away from other charities from purchasing puppies through traditional (and often unregulated) breeding routes.

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If you’re interested in adopting a rescue dog from overseas, please take a look at all our beautiful rescue dogs currently looking for a home.

You can find out more about how our adoption process works, or browse our library of inspiring Success Stories from previous adopters to get a better idea of what adopting a rescue dog is like, and just how transformative the experience can be.

If you’re ready to adopt a dog, fill in an adoption form and a member of our adoption team will be delighted to help you take your enquiry to the next stage.



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