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Recall training

6th May

Teaching your dog recall may be the most important training you can undertake, and the most nerve wracking. The first time you let your dog off the lead can be daunting, especially if they’re already an adult. Luckily for you and all other dog owners, recall training can be easy if done consistently and positively, so here we are to offer you the best tips and tricks for a faultless recall. If you are struggling with recall, we recommend consulting a positive, force free behaviourist.

Firstly, the key to great recall is to reward, reward, reward. To put it simply, you can’t force you do to come back if they don’t want to, what we are aiming for is for your dog to choose to come back to you each and every time. Whether this is done with food, toys or attention, you want your dog to think that coming back to you is the most rewarding choice they can make.

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