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Education | Sterilisation
To date, Wild at Heart Foundation have funded over 200 sterilisations, and educated 4,167 students and 219 staff members at our partner clinic in Swaziland.

During our mission in Swaziland, we wanted to create a positive example of how best to care for animals in an aim to break the cycle of mistreatment to dogs. Our work supported local communities and ensured the ethical and compassionate care of stray and owned dogs alike.

Working with a number of organisations, including Swaziland Animal Welfare Society (SAWS), Waterford College, and the Vets Association, Wild at Heart Foundation brought together a free clinic and follow-up centre to provide much needed veterinary services. This provided vaccinations, spays, neuters, worming and general healthcare for the stray and owned dogs of Swaziland, and training for locals to create employment opportunities.

Stray dogs in Swaziland waiting to receive urgent care and veterinary treatment

‘Vusumnotfo’ is a Swazi not-for-profit, community training and support organisation. Vusumnotfo’s vision is to help communities significantly improve their own social, economic and environmental conditions. We feel that their goal fits hand-in-hand with our mission, focusing on animal welfare in conjunction with communities.

We also set up education sessions for students and staff on how to care for dogs, how to develop a companion bond, and how to appropriately train dogs. Bringing animal care services combined with education to a rural community helped to support care and companionship for animals, promoting the development of empathy in young children.

Teaching local children how to care for and respect dogs

If a regular donation towards a specific project is set up and we subsequently cease to provide support in the future, any recurring donations will be allocated to the areas of our other work requiring the most support.

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Welfare | Sterilisation

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Welfare | Sterilisation
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