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South Africa – Khayelitsha

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SA Mast is located in the heart of Khayelitsha, Cape Town, the fastest growing township in South Africa. SA Mast is currently responsible for the largest, area specific and goal driven mass animal sterilisation campaign in Africa; Wild at Heart Foundation were proud to support them on a year-long sterilisation campaign.

When Nikki visited South Africa back in 2017, she was on a mission to learn more about the hardships street dogs in South Africa face, as well as opportunities to support dog-owners in poorer local communities. She met with the inspiring team behind the township animal clinic SA Mast, which led to a year-long partnership.

Wild at Heart Foundation supported SA Mast by funding 15 monthly neutering campaigns, resulting in  the sterilisation of around 40-50 dogs each month. This enabled hundreds of residents of the township to have their dogs spayed or neutered for free, as well as treating hundreds of Khayelitsha’s strays.

Compassionately reducing the number of stray dogs in this South African township

With 720 dogs sterilised, Wild at Heart Foundation are proud to have played a part in reducing the number of street dogs roaming the township in South Africa, preventing the birth of millions of unwanted puppies. Thank you to SA Mast for all that you do and for allowing us to work alongside you for this inspiring campaign.

* images courtesy of SA Mast

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