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Wild at Heart Foundation work all over the world to help end the suffering of stray dogs. We focus on rehoming, sterilisation, education, and help raise awareness for urgent causes and issues.

We champion collaboration and, where possible, work alongside existing small organisations and individuals to provide financial, operational and promotional support. This ensures our funds are spent incredibly effectively, reducing overheads and helping those on the ground to continue their inspirational work. Together, we are stronger.

Thank you for your interest in working with Wild at Heart Foundation. We love hearing from likeminded projects around the world and do our best to support as many shelters as we can. Due to the high volume of submissions during Covid-19, Applications for project partnerships are now closed so we can spend the necessary time reviewing the proposals we have received this year.




Puerto Rico

Sterilisation | Education | Rehoming


Rehoming | Spay & Neuter | Education

South Africa – Khayelitsha

Education | Sterilisation

South Korea

Rescue | Rehoming


Education | Sterilisation


Rehoming | Sterilisation

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