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Cats and dogs in most parts of Asia are often abandoned and left to subsist on the streets, with many dying due to illness or accidents. Government authorities organise brutal dog-killing campaigns to try to reduce stray dog populations. Stray dogs and cats are snatched from the streets and pets are stolen and taken to horrific meat markets, where they are sold for human consumption and often suffer a slow, violent death.

With this attitude towards dogs is deeply embedded within cultural beliefs, we wanted to find a way to tackle this problem at its root – by carrying out fun and interactive animal welfare education initiatives for children in China and Hong Kong.

With so many hundreds of thousands of suffering dogs, rescue can feel somewhat like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. We also wanted to take proactive measures to ensure that we end this cycle of misinformation and subsequent abuse.

Learning to respect dogs in Hong Kong and China

Wild at Heart Foundation partnered with Animals Asia to support their ‘Professor Paws’ innovative programme that sees registered therapy dogs visit schools to teach children to overcome their fear of dogs, learn safety around dogs, responsible pet care and compassion for all animals. On a broader level, the programme aimed to sculpt attitudes to dogs (and all animals) at a young age and teach children the importance of kindness and compassion.

Helping children in Hong Kong and China to understand dogs

The basic programme consisted of structured lessons over four weeks, resulting in the children graduating as ‘Pet Cadets’. The children also practised their English-speaking and literacy skills with a native English speaker in a fun environment. Many of these children had never had the chance to touch a dog before their first Professor Paws class. Often in the first class they felt terrified, simply because they have simply had no experience of dogs, or their parents had instilled this fear in them, telling them not to touch dogs because they are dirty and dangerous.

Professor Paws childrens education programme

Research has shown that dogs can be instrumental in improving the learning skills of a wide variety of children. Close interaction with dogs is proven to increase self-confidence and pro-social behaviour among students, while encouraging the development of compassion. It is for this very reason that Wild at Heart Foundation put education at the core of our mission and all that we do.

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