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Like many European countries, Bulgaria struggles with a growing street dog population caused by a long-term lack of education and funding, which inevitably leads to thousands of puppies born on the streets each year. Wild at Heart Foundation have facilitated the adoption of 261 dogs from Street Hearts Bulgaria since 2019.

Wild at Heart x Street Heart Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, many families buy dogs to guard their crops, or for hunting purposes, but once their ‘role’ is finished and they become too old, too slow or just too uninterested, they are no longer deemed necessary. These dogs are then abandoned, left to follow the same path as so many other strays before them.

But Street Hearts Bulgaria are committed to implementing lasting change and transforming the lives of these lost souls. One amazing example of this is their commitment to giving the dogs in their care the best possible life while they wait to find their forever home – every single dog is taken on a free walk through the mountains, not once, but twice daily. Take a look at the incredible facilities our Bulgarian rescue dogs enjoy:

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