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In 2018, Wild at Heart Foundation were made aware of the growing number of strays on Borneo and the surrounding islands. When we were contacted by IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals), we learned that the number of dogs lacking sufficient food, care or shelter in Kota Kinabalu alone exceeded 10,000. To make matters worse, in a culture where rescue and adoption is rarely a viable solution, the stray population is all too often managed by inhumane methods of destruction.

At Wild at Heart Foundation, we recognise the goal and processes that IAPWA share; to combat the problem through compassion and education. In projects such as this, we look for means to getting to the root of the issue, ensuring that our funding contributions are allocated to those initiatives that can make the greatest impact. We were therefore delighted to provide support for a monthly sterilisation clinic, with the goal of educating owners and children alongside our efforts to reduce the growing rate of uncontrolled breeding.

During our partnership with IAPWA, we sterilised over 2,400 dogs in Borneo, preventing the birth of thousands of unwanted puppies. We also supported an education programme running alongside the monthly sterilisation clinics, allowing local children to engage with the mission.

We have educated 1,750 children to date!

We are proud to have worked alongside such a pioneering organisation, and look forward to working together in the future.

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