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We are proud to have worked with two partner shelters in Bethlehem and Gaza, where their stray dog population has reached crisis point. Dogs wander the streets in heartbreaking states of ill health. Without the infrastructure to cope, people are turning to cruel and ineffective last resorts, such as lethal poisoning and live ammunition. That is why we are always keen to supply support and continue an effective and compassionate relationship. 

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Wild at Heart Foundation recognises the shared mission of two shelters working tirelessly on the front line. Like us, both Bethlehem Animal Shelter and Sulala Society for Animal Care are keen to find long-term solutions. It is important to us that projects such as these have a lasting impact and we ensure that our funding contributions are distributed where they will supply the greatest results. For Bethlehem and Gaza, this means emergency aid relief and sterilisation; the most effective and compassionate solution to an ever-increasing stray dog population.  

In early 2020, we sent an emergency donation to cover an urgent need for supplies in response to the detrimental impact of Covid-19, and in 2021, we fundraised to provide relief to both shelters. In an incredibly difficult political climate, the voice of the animals is often overlooked. We shared this message to aid and support the selfless work of our partner shelters, endeavouring to offer them some relief. 

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