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PAAW House: Ensuring pets are always welcome

6th August
“Pets are always welcome”. Not only is this the PAAW House motto, but it’s a sentiment we wholeheartedly support here at Wild at Heart Foundation.

The recent lockdown has taught those of us with dogs just how lucky we are; they have been our constant in a world filled with uncertainty. But sadly, not everybody has the opportunity to experience the benefits of pet ownership. 

Launched in 2019, PAAW House is a social hub for like-minded dog lovers. Not only is it a fun, informative community for sharing knowledge, stories and all things dog, but their work advocates for more reasonable legislation regarding dog ownership, particularly for people who rent (and many other worthy causes!)

PAAW are on a mission to end pet discrimination across the UK, making lives easier for dogs and their owners alike; a mission we are excited to get behind.

In 2019, they hosted a launch in support of Wild at Heart Foundation, raising over £500! They continue to extend their generosity by donating a percentage of their annual profits, as well as promoting awareness and fundraising wherever they can.

It’s an honour to have been chosen by an organisation whose beliefs are so aligned with our own – that pets should be welcome everywhere!

Thank you for your support PAAW!


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