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Our New Emergency Aid Partners

15th September
We have recently expanded our Emergency Aid support both in the UK and over in Ukraine. Here at Wild at Heart Foundation, we strive to speak for the most vulnerable in the world, who cannot advocate for themselves. Through no fault of their own, people and animals are being forced to flee their homes, leave loved ones, abandon their possessions, and run away from the life they know. We are dedicated to supporting those in the direst need both overseas and at home in the UK.

We have been providing continuous aid to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine and offering financial support to hardworking organizations that are assisting in Ukraine and at the borders. Take a look at our Global Emergency Aid project page to find out more about our overseas work. 

Not only are we supporting global issues, but we are also working hard close to home. Our country is currently facing the worst cost-of-living crisis in decades meaning food banks and other organisations are working relentlessly to support people in need. We have been working to support a busy foodbank in South London to provide pet boxes for those in need and keep these pets with their owners; head over to our UK Emergency Aid page to read more about this. 

We are excited to announce our partnership with Save the Dogs Romania and Street Paws. Stay tuned for updates on how we will support them.

Save the Dogs 

Save the Dogs have been active for about 20 years, with their biggest presence in Romania, but they also work in Ukraine and Italy. They believe that humans have a moral duty to protect animals, and their commitment is to act with empathy and compassion, protecting the dignity and well-being of animals in need.  

Since the invasion began in Ukraine, Save the Dogs has been providing life-saving support to over 4,000 animals. They send food to more than 20 shelters in the Odessa & Kharkiv region; which is in turn distributed by a network of over 400 volunteer street feeders. To date, they have provided over 700,000 kilos of food in outreach deliveries. 

After the recent devasting floods in Kherson, Save the Dogs and other organisations have rescued countless dogs. With the water destroying everything in its path, dogs who were lucky enough not to be chained were found huddled on rooftops seeking rescue. These dogs wouldn’t be alive without the help of these organisations and their dedication to rescuing and feeding. 

Although feeding the dogs has been a priority, preventing the abandoned dogs from reproducing is crucial to control the situation. As we know, sterilisation is the only effective method of controlling the growing stray dog population. Save the Dogs have set up a sterilisation programme in Odessa, with the goal of sterilising 1,000 animals in 6 months.  

We are thrilled to be supporting this initiative by funding 50 sterilisations per month over the next few months. We hope the situation starts to improve and that we see some real changes being made to the stray dog population in Ukraine. 

Street Paws 

For the homeless community, hostels are essential. They provide a safe place to stay and support in finding long-term solutions for housing and reintegration into society. For homeless pet owners, however, there is only a small number of hostels, fewer than 10%, that accept animals into their care. Meaning they either have to give up their pets or continue living on the streets. 

Since 2016, Street Paws has been supporting the homeless community by offering veterinary outreach services.  Their new Dog Champion Scheme supports pet-friendly hostels for those in need, keeping pets and owners together. This scheme includes staff training to ensure their comfort and ability to provide canine first aid. They also assist animals and owners in acclimating to their new environment. During their stay, guests will receive a welcome pack containing essential items and full access to veterinary care.

Waggel is actively sponsoring the onboarding of a new Dog Champion Hostel and generously providing additional funds for the veterinary costs of its residents. We are extremely proud to help a community of people and animals who are often overlooked. We hope that the Dog Champion Scheme provides them with a chance for a safe and happy future.

Having the ability to support the work of these incredible organisations makes us feel so grateful and proud. Especially being able to provide care and respite to those in the community who are most in need.

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