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Mobile Vet Clinic in Romania – Sponsored by Waggel

26th July
Sava’s Safe Haven is a family-run animal shelter, founded in 2012, near the region of Galati in Romania. It has a capacity for 250 animals and over their 10-year history, they have helped over 5000 animals in desperate need. 

Previously, we have helped Sava’s with their work in Ukraine. Being so close to the border, they have been helping dogs and pet owners in Ukraine since April 2022. Read more about their brave work via our Global Emergency Aid page. 

Although their work in Ukraine is still a priority, the situation in Romania is dire. So, we are pleased to announce that we are now supporting their work in Romania.

Sadly, Romania remains a country synonymous with a lack of compassion towards stray dogs as well as inadequate animal welfare regulations, with many owned dogs kept chained for the majority of their life. We will be supporting Sava’s with regular welfare funds to enable them to meet the nourishment and medical needs of the dogs they help. This money will also go towards the maintenance and upkeep of their shelter. 

Mobile Vet Clinic 

Sava’s Safe Haven is located in a rather rural area of South-East Romania. Many pet owners struggle with a lack of accessible veterinary care. Vet clinics that do exist, in these areas, only focus on farm animals, so dogs, cats and other domestic animals are left to fend for themselves.  

In Romania, to get the required veterinary care for your dog, you are forced to travel to cities. This is very expensive and can mean travelling an extremely long distance for some. Only 10% of people will make the journey to deal with their pet’s medical needs, the other 90% are unable to help their pets. This means a substantial number of them face terrible illnesses and injuries. 

This is where Sava’s Safe Haven has come along! A van has been acquired by them to transform into a Mobile Vet Clinic so that they can bring hope to the poorest rural areas. They plan to travel to forgotten parts of South-East Romania to treat animals in need and give them a better chance of survival. 

They now need the funds to kit out this amazing vehicle so they can start this incredible mission. That is where Waggel, the pet insurance company with a difference, comes in! 

Waggel x Sava’s Safe Haven 

With the generous sponsorship of Waggel, an award-winning pet insurance company that like to do things differently, this Mobile Vet Clinic will soon become a reality. Waggel have allocated £5,000 of their donated funds to this project. Also, we will be supporting Sava’s to launch the initiative as well as purchase the required equipment to get their van on the road. 

From Waggel’s generous sponsorship, Sava’s Safe Haven will be able to provide crucial veterinary support including vaccinations, microchipping, and rapid diagnosis of diseases such as Parvo, Distemper and Tick-Borne Diseases. They will be able to offer ECG Heart Monitoring, Ultrasounds and Treatment in an emergency. Finally, the Mobile Vet Clinic will act as a pet ambulance for transferring animals for more extensive treatments and sterilisations.  

Sava’s Safe Haven will be able to offer education to their rural community, who are often elderly, and provide those with limited funds the resources they need to properly care for their dogs. This includes food, harnesses, leads and kennels. Also, should abuse cases be uncovered, the team will be able to report these to the local authorities, who have been extremely supportive of their hard work.

We are so grateful to Waggel for their generosity and support of this initiative, and we are so excited to see the positive impact this will have on the dogs of Romania. 

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