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Merry Mutts Motel: A one of a kind, festive doggy daycare!

4th December
We’re delighted that Merry Mutts Motel has officially opened for business over the festive period! This one-of-a-kind festive doggy daycare means you can grab those last-minute bits without worrying that your pup is missing out on the festivities. The best news is that 100% of donations raised will go straight to the Foundation, so that we can continue to support the dogs who will celebrating Christmas on the streets.

If we weren’t in the festive mood already, we certainly are now! That’s because the wonderful people (and doggy daycare experts!) over at Urban Mutts have selected WAHF to be the Merry Mutts Motel charity partner and we couldn’t be more grateful! A special thank you goes to our good friend Barry the Dog Jogger for being a long-time supporter of our work and for extending the festive cheer to all the dogs in our overseas shelters.

It’s hard to believe that over a third of us dog owners spend less time with our four-legged companions over the busy festive period. That’s why we love this collaboration between Westfield London and our friends at Urban Mutts; a Christmas-themed doggy drop-off service that means with busy social calendars and a never-ending shopping list, our four-legged friends needn’t get left behind! 

It really is the perfect way to make sure our pups aren’t feeling left out of all the festive activities going on around them – in fact, it looks a bit like doggy heaven if you ask us…

Upon dropping your pup off, they’ll be treated to the ultimate festive experience including a range of Christmas treats, their very own gift from ‘Santa Paws’ and there’s even an outside lawn dedicated to learning new tricks and playing games with the Urban Mutts expert trainers! If your dog isn’t keen on the British weather at this time of year, there’s a cosy indoor area where dogs can snuggle up and socialise with other canine companions.

All dogs get the chance to take a festive walk with the Merry Mutts Minders and there’s even the chance to dress up for their very own Christmas card shoot – because who doesn’t love a family portrait! We really can’t think of a better way to treat your pup this Christmas, just check out this video if you don’t believe us!

We must extend a heartfelt thank you to the team at Urban Mutts, who not only have a wonderfully unique approach to caring for and socializing dogs, but who will be working super hard over the coming days to keep all our dogs thoroughly entertained! Merry Mutts Motel is the first of its kind and we couldn’t be prouder to be involved.

We’re also incredibly grateful to Westfield London for their collaboration on Merry Mutts Motel, which not only raises funds for our international dog rescue and rehoming projects, but also our sterilisation and education programmes. While not every dog is lucky enough to have a home this Christmas, initiatives like Merry Mutts Motel go a long way in supporting them from afar and we’re so grateful to everyone who visits over the coming days.

The exclusive Merry Mutts Motel is officially ready to welcome four-legged guests and we can’t wait to see you all there, between 4th – 8th December at the Winter Village market in Westfield Square!

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