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Meet the team: Meghan

18th July

After adopting Caramel from Wild at Heart Foundation in late 2018, Meghan became an active member of our adopters community, supporting the charity through personal fundraising and volunteering at a number of events. Caramel also starred as a model for a number of Wild at Heart Foundation campaigns, propelling her to full stardom and bona fide “diva” status!

Meghan joined the team in 2019 and we can’t imagine life without her: she plays a vital role in supporting our international adoptions, liaising with both prospective and existing adopters, and generally being a happy, helpful and super-knowledgable point of contact for those looking to learn more about adopting a rescue dog from abroad.

To welcome Meghan on board, we’ve asked her to share a little more about who she is and what she does!

What made you decide to pursue a career in dog rescue?

My passion for dog rescue began when I visited Sri Lanka in the summer of 2018. I felt so distressed at how many dogs were living – but in reality, barely getting by – on the street and, having personally witnessed a dog being run over, I felt it was my duty to try and help the helpless dogs in whatever way I could. When I returned home, I was committed to rescuing, at the very least, one poor soul overseas and that is when I rescued Caramel through Wild at Heart Foundation. Having been completely moved by the ambitions and aims of Wild at Heart Foundation, fast forward just over 6 months later and I was working for them!


What does your “day job” mainly comprise of?

I am mainly responsible for initial adoption enquiries and various social media tasks but no day is ever really the same for me. Sometimes I’ll spend the majority of the day doing admin, other days I’ll be out at events where Caramel also frequently joins and represents for Wild at Heart!


What’s your favourite part of working for Wild at Heart Foundation?

For me, personally, talking to an adopter at the very beginning of their adoption enquiry all the way through to seeing the dog home with that person/family is particularly rewarding. I also love chatting to our followers and adopters over Instagram, seeing what all their dogs are getting up to!


Where in the world has your job taken you, and where would you like to go next?

In the short-time I’ve been at Wild at Heart Foundation I’ve already been fortunate enough to visit two of our partner shelters in Athens and Lesvos. Lesvos is where Caramel came from and to be able to meet and thank the people that she owes her life to was simply incredible.

Project trip to Lesvos, Greece

I would like to visit Puerto Rico next – Puerto Rico is the main reason Wild at Heart started so I would love to help support the charity’s regular sterilisation clinics in the future.


If you were given £100,000 to spend on one rescue project, where/what would you most want to support?

My rescue ambitions started in Sri Lanka so I would love to be able to go back and help the growing population of street dogs. There are very few shelters in Sri Lanka and with the amount of street dogs roaming around they really need a mass neuter initiative to help stem this growing number.


Who was the first dog in your life?

My parents have never owned dogs so I’ve mainly grown up around dogs in my extended family. My aunt’s family are big Staffordshire Bull Terrier lovers and I have been around them since a very young age. They would be the first to be greeted when we went to their house!


Who is your current four-legged partner(s) in crime?

My lovely pup is called Caramel, and she’s 1.5 years old. She has settled in brilliantly, she is very confident – often the most confident and boisterous in a room! – she loves playing with other dogs and very friendly with all people. She is a mixed breed but looks like a larger version of a dachshund. However, Caramel is a sighthound at heart – she might have the legs and body of a dachshund but she proves to everyone that you shouldn’t judge a pup by their leg length!

Meghan and Caramel

Where in the world is your absolute favourite dog walking spot?

I love visiting North Norfolk – I love the villages and beaches. Caramel’s favourite place is a big sandy beach that extends for miles where she can run rings around us and Norfolk beaches definitely fit the bill!


What’s your best / most obscure “doggy fact”?

Despite having far less taste buds than humans, dogs have the ability to ‘taste’ water, something humans can’t. They have special taste buds at the tip of their tongue, the bit that curls when they drink water. Probably the reason that some dogs drink copious amounts of water!


And finally, what’s the one thing that the Wild at Heart Foundation community should know about you?!

In my spare time I love travelling to far flung places, scuba diving and horse riding! I’m also a keen amateur photographer – I briefly considered starting up my own pet photography business and Caramel is my inspiration. You can find all of our adventures on Instagram – @milesofcaramel

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