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Meet the team: Hannah

11th April

We first met Hannah in early 2019 when she came on board to help plan and manage our annual arts fundraiser, One Night Only. We knew within minutes that Hannah was a perfect fit for Wild at Heart Foundation, and her flair for event planning were proven by the incredible success of One Night Only ’19 – our biggest and most successful fundraising event to date, raising over £25,000 in profit, all of which was donated to our international project work.

The only thing that remained for us to do was to persuade her to join us full time – a task made all the easier by Hannah’s love for all things dog! We’re proud to call Hannah a member of the WAHF family, and look forward to seeing her transform our events calendar with fun, creative opportunities for even more of our supporters, all with the mission of raising more vital funds for rescue dogs overseas.

To welcome Hannah on board, we’ve asked her to share a little more about who she is and what she does:

What made you decide to pursue a career in dog rescue?

I joined the team in February 2019 to help with Wild at Heart Foundation’s One Night Only event, which completely opened my eyes to the global stray dog issue and cruelty taking place all over the world. All of the work WAHF are doing towards changing and ultimately ending this is incredible and I’m proud to be part of this mission.

What does your “day job” mainly comprise of?

As you can imagine, being part of a small team can create a lot of variety in my day-to-day! I’m responsible for organising events for the charity – from small popups to large-scale fundraisers and everything in between. I plan from concept stage to the small details & promotion. So my day could include working on strategy & logistics to a much more hands-on approach such as installing and being at the event & social media. I also collaborate with our incredible partners with events and creating merchandise.

What’s your favourite part of working for Wild at Heart Foundation?

I love working in a team who share the same passions. This is also the same for our brand partners, adopters & raising awareness at our events – to keep building our community. It’s amazing working together towards the same goal.

Where in the world has your job taken you, and where would you like to go next?

I was fortunate enough to go to Puerto Rico for our 6th mass-sterilisation clinic in May 2019, where I saw first hand how hard everyone works and collaborates to sterilise over 3500 animals in just 6 days! It was amazing to be there to support and see the positive impact this has for both the dogs and people on the island.

I would love to go to Bulgaria, where my own gorgeous Wild at Heart Foundation dog, Suki is from.

If you were given £100,000 to spend on one rescue project, where/what would you most want to support?

Egypt – there are so many stray dogs and cruelty. I would want to put it towards building a well designed refuge & re-homing shelter and implementing an education program.

Who was the first dog in your life?

Oscar – he’s now 15, has no teeth and super grumpy – I love him exactly how he is.

Who is your current four-legged partner in crime?

Suki joined our family in October this year, she came over from the incredible Street Hearts shelter in Bulgaria. She’s still finding her feet in London life, but every day I can’t believe how far she has come, it’s fascinating to watch her confidence grow day-by-day. She has utterly transformed our home and our lives.

Where in the world is your absolute favourite dog walking spot?

Battersea Park – we’re so lucky to live right next to the park, where Suki has already been making friends. I used to live by the beach, which Suki hasn’t yet experienced but I can’t wait to introduce her to the coast soon.

What’s your best / most obscure “doggy fact”?

Dog’s whiskers help them see in the dark. Also, dogs can smell your feelings 🙂

And finally, what’s the one thing that the Wild at Heart Foundation community should know about you?!

I love photography, especially film and still use my dad’s camera from the RAF, which he passed to me when I was 15. I also love anything sweet and to bake in my spare time – I actually got to the 3rd round of Great British Bake Off but didn’t make the final 12!

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