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Keeping cool: dog-friendly ice lollies guaranteed to please!

10th August

This week is set to be another scorcher and while we’re not ones to complain about the glorious weather, our poor pups might feel differently. After all, can you imagine wearing a fur coat in this heat? Like us, dogs need shade, plenty of water and even a nap in front of the fan! Another way to keep them cool is with dog-friendly ice lollies. Some might call them “pup-sicles”…

Not only will your dog absolutely love them, but they’re also fun to make! With endless ingredients to choose from, it’s easy to cater to your dog’s taste buds, keeping them both entertained and cool. 

Here are some of the Wild at Heart Foundation team’s favourite recipes…


What you’ll need:

There’s so many dog-friendly ice lolly recipes that you can be as fancy or as simple as you want! 

To make ice lollies, you’ll need something to act as a ‘stick’, could be a chew stick – or even a chicken foot like the one Mishka is eyeing up!

You can use ice trays for smaller treats, or plastic pots like the ones below for larger lollies to keep your dog entertained (and cool!) for longer.

  • For the easily pleased:

Freezing plain kibble in water is the simplest recipe and great for when you haven’t had time to get to shop. 

  • For the raw feeders:

Another quick but healthy option is to include some raw veg in your recipe. A carrot is great for longevity, as once your pup has licked their way through the ice, they still have the carrot to nibble on.

  • For the good girls and boys:

If you really want to spoil your pup, you could include treats. Anything from gravy bones to liver paste will freeze just fine, and make a delicious treat for your companion. 

  • For the sweet tooth:

Fruit is a great alternative to savoury snacks. You can slice it and freeze it, or blend it first! Apples and bananas are both healthy and suitable for dogs, but many fruits aren’t so please check first.

  • For those on a health kick:

Blending veg and freezing it makes a perfectly healthy, nutritious treat for hot summer days. It’s also a great way of using up any leftover vegetables! Green beans, peas and potatoes are all great sources of nutrients, but again please check first which vegetables are not suitable.

  • For those who love to play:

And it’s not only food that makes a perfect pup-sicle! Why not add toys and make it an enrichment toy as well as a cooling treat.

Below, super dog-mum Kasey fills a lunchbox with toys, chew sticks, carrot slices and even stuffs the toys with treats too. As the end result starts to defrost, not only will the dogs have toys to play with but they’ll have treats inside to sniff out too…this should keep even the most playful of pups busy!


The possibilities really are endless! Instead of freezing these ingredients with water, you could mix up a gravy or meat broth. You could even experiment with yoghurt, goats milk, peanut butter or tuna juice! 

If you try any of our recipes, be sure to tag us in your end results! 


Disclaimer: as delicious as these recipes are, don’t be tempted by your pooches’ puppy-dog eyes to feed them more than they’re allowed! Be careful to consider your dog’s age and lifestyle, and feed such treats in accordance with their diet.

A huge thank you to Mishka, Millie and Maggie for giving these recipes their seal of approval!

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