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Introducing your new rescue to a current dog.

6th May

We all reach a point where we are ready to add a new addition to the family. Be it human, cat or dog (or something more exotic) it can be a worry if the current household will all accept the newcomer. Generally, these things go smoothly, especially when the newbie is some kind of youngster, however, what about if you’re rescuing an adult dog?

If you are rescuing a dog through WaHF, you have the added challenge that you haven’t been able to meet this dog beforehand. Whilst all dogs can act completely differently in new environments, rest assured that we will give you a complete background on their compatibility with dogs, cats and their ideal home life. It’s just as important to us that they all go to loving and safe homes! The most important message that we can give you when thinking of these new meetings is to stay consistent and take it slow. Whilst these methods may not be available to everyone, using or adapting as many as possible will help towards a smooth introduction.

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