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Heroes of Lebanon

10th May

As you read this, there are approximately 35,000 stray dogs living in Lebanon. The demand for adoption is virtually non-existent, essentially meaning that these dogs have nowhere to go and no one to help them.

In 2019, we visited Lebanon to assess the situation and gain understanding from local rescuers and organisations to assess how best we could support the work on the ground. Devastatingly, we found the level of cruelty and abuse that the animals face in Lebanon to be amongst the worst we had ever seen. Dogs are poisoned, shot, beaten, used for target practice and deliberately run over. Cruelty that is hard to even contemplate for us, but reality for them.

Why is the situation so bad in Lebanon?

Decades of miseducation around animal welfare has led to a culture of cruelty, neglect and often deeply shocking violence. On top of this, Lebanon has been facing an economic crisis, the worst since 1975-90. As people in the country struggle, so do the animals. Many people have had to turn to non-profit organisations for help to continue to care for their pets. The situation is dire.

What are we doing to help?

Wild at Heart Foundation have made it our mission to support organisations on the ground who are fighting to end the suffering of street dogs in Lebanon. Since our visit in 2019, we have been working alongside local rescuers and ethical organisations to educate, sterilise and rescue. But our work in Lebanon is only just beginning.

Introducing our heroes

If you’ve ever watched a hospital drama, you’ll know that blood donation can mean the difference between life and death. Well, it’s no different for dogs.

One of our partner shelters in Lebanon, Mount Lebanon, is are helping to care for three very inspirational blood donor dogs, who between them, have saved over 100 lives in need. After their incredible work, we believe that these three dogs deserve the chance to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives in a loving home. After all they have given, it’s time to give back.

As part of our Heroes of Lebanon campaign, we will be finding loving homes for these remarkable dogs. We will also be rehoming two blood donor survivors, Charlie and Foxy who are both victims of abandonment and abuse and saved by these three donor dogs.

View their profiles here

Whilst there is a happy ending for these five dogs, there are still thousands of dogs in Lebanon waiting for their turn at a second chance. As a further part of our campaign, we will be raising much needed funds to support organisations like Mount Lebanon so they can continue to carry out the amazing work they are doing to help more dogs. But it’s a long journey ahead, and one we hope you will join us on.

Through rescue, sterilisation and education, we believe we can create long-term, meaningful change.

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