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Helping Our Children Understand Body Language

24th September

Whilst some may find it slightly trickier than others, understanding body language is something that children generally learn over time. All of us should have the chance to build positive and trustworthy relationships with our pets, no matter our age, and ensuring that everyone involved feels comfortable and confident is a great start. Making sure that everyone is on the same page and knows the rules before you start will help your pup know the do’s and don’t’s of the world.


At Wild at Heart Foundation, we always advise setting your dog, and child, up for success, so we have put together these bright and colourful flash cards to help you teach your child about how your dog is feeling! They are a great way to encourage your little ones to react in a positive way and help your dog build a trusting relationship. Don’t worry, we are not expecting any toddlers to become the next big name in the dog world, but you never know…it might spark a future in animal behaviour!


It is important to note, these cards are not behavioural advice and are only to help with education, compassion and understanding. If you see any of the following nervous behaviours in your dog, we highly recommend consulting a clinical behaviourist to prevent the behaviour from becoming learnt or deteriorating. If you see any sudden changes in your dog’s behaviour, consult a vet as soon as possible to rule out underlying health conditions.

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