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Handling Fireworks Night With Dogs

8th October

Recent research shows that over 60% of dogs are fearful or reactive to the noise of fireworks. This shocking number is only comforting in the aspect that many others experience the same head-in-hand ‘how do I help you?’ moment. Applied to the UK dog population, this shocking statistic means that a whopping 5.5million dogs become extremely fearful on the same night! So whilst we can only applaud the small European towns that have banned loud fireworks to protect the elderly, youngsters, people with disabilities and pets, we encourage you to do your best to help your furry friends throughout the festivities.

We know it may seem a little early to be preparing for Fireworks Night, Diwali and New Year, but we can promise you, the more time that you put into helping your dog settle and relax on these special occasions, (and surrounding days) the better!

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