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Don’t You Want Me Project: Who rescued who?

18th January
There are some things in life that make waves and some that make change for the better; and every now and then, there are things that do both. The Don't You Want Me Project is one of those that does both, and we're incredibly excited to announce their life-changing DYWM Rescue Grant.

Here at Wild at Heart Foundation, we’re firm believers in the power of rescue dogs and the joy, hope and comfort they can bring to our everyday lives. Time and time again, we’ve borne happy witness to the utterly transformative role a rescue dog has played in the life of their adopter: dogs make a house a home; they teach us to love on a deeper level, and demonstrate true forgiveness and compassion; they save our lives in so many ways. Indeed, we so often find ourselves asking: “who rescued who?”

That’s why we’re delighted to be supporting the Don’t You Want Me Project. DYWM is a global photography project showcasing the beauty and resilience of LGBTQ people with their rescue dogs. Just like us, they believe that everyone – including the overlooked, underserved and marginalised – has a right to love and respect.

We’re especially excited about DYWM’s latest news, the introduction of the Don’t You Want Me Rescue Grant. The grant will provide one deserving recipient from the LGBTQ community with the opportunity to adopt a dog when they need it the most, providing ongoing support to allow them both to thrive. In an incredible demonstration of reciprocal love, the grant will allow a stray dog to find a safe and loving home here in the UK, whilst also giving a member of the LGBTQ community a source of strength and friendship.

After all, those in the LGBTQ community are more likely to suffer from poorer mental health; are at greater risk of hate crime; and have lower ratings of quality of life metrics. In fact, a staggering 46% of trans people and 31% of LGB people have considered suicide.

The grant also seeks to remove some of the traditional blockers LGBTQ people can face when considering adoption. Thanks to the support of a network of amazing sponsors – including WAHF friends Butternut Box and Waggel – this unique grant will provide vital support for one deserving recipient, and will transform the life of one equally deserving rescue dog.

While the Foundation champions compassion above all else, we also believe it’s more than just a buzz word; we want to play our part as a charity to support the marginalised and can’t wait to share more information about this powerful initiative over the coming months. In the meantime, you can donate to the Grant today.

Donate to the DYWM Rescue Grant


With thanks to Deb Klein and Jack Johnson for photos.

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