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Dogs Have Incredible Ears – Let’s Find Out More 

21st July
Did you know that dogs have incredible ears? They are known for their keen sense of hearing, and they have amazing control over them. Their ears can also indicate their body language and mood.

Dogs ears come in many different shapes and sizes and can tell you a lot about what your dog is thinking and feeling.  A dog’s incredible hearing is something that develops as they grow. Newborn puppies are born deaf, as their ear canal is closed at birth. This can take a few weeks to fully open and start developing.

Did you know…dogs have around 18 muscles in their ears 

This number varies from breed to breed but it is significantly more than the 6 muscles us humans have. Dogs can rotate, raise, tilt, and lower their ears as well as move each ear independently to identify and capture sounds from different directions. Some people suggest that dogs tilt their heads to improve their hearing and better locate sounds. Similarly, to when we lean close to a sound to hear it better. 

Did you know…dogs can hear 4 times better than humans 

Dogs have extremely sensitive ears and can hear so much better than we can, they can always hear something – especially the rustling of the treat package from 100 feet away! They are capable of detecting twice as many frequencies and can hear sounds from almost four times the distance. It is said that they can hear the bodily vibrations of termites in the walls and even potential sounds before an earthquake – the world is a noisy place for dogs. 

Did you know…their ears aren’t just for hearing 

Your dog’s ears are a key indicator of their emotions. Natural ears show that your dog is feeling relaxed and comfortable, while ears up and facing forward could indicate they’re engaged, alert or even feeling threatened. Pulled-back ears show signs of friendliness while ears completely flattened to the head could be a sign of submission or fear. You can tell so much by their ears, like if they’re happy, sad, curious, puzzled, angry, afraid, asleep or relaxed. 

Did you know…there are more than a dozen different ear shapes 

Dogs possess a variety of ear shapes, and different breeds are recognised for their distinctive ear shapes. I am thinking of the gorgeous droopy bloodhounds, whose ears can drag along the floor. Malamutes, German Shepherds and Bull Terriers have pricked ears, completely opposite to their French Bulldog friends who have blunt, round ears. Corgis have Bat Ears as they sit upright and angle outwards causing them to extend beyond the sides of the face. Cocked ears are perfect for dogs that need to remain alert and listen to soft sounds, a great example being Border Collies and Sheepdogs. 

Ear infections are the main reason pet owners visit the Vets. Take care of your dogs ears – regularly check and clean their ears to avoid frequent Vet visits. If you need some advice on Vet visits read our blog – The Importance of Veterinary Care



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