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Control of your dog on a walk

6th May

Be it strangers, other dogs or loud noises, sensitive and anxious dogs can react to anything. Knowing your dog and ensuring you have control over them around these obstacles is important. Don’t forget to bear in mind that your dog may be a trigger for someone else’s – so only let them off the lead if you’re confident in their recall and stay within sight!


Having control of your dog in public is easier said than done, whilst many of us are delighted at the prospect of longer days and sunny walks in the park, the bustling green spaces around town can become a challenging place to walk your dog. Having a dog with boundary issues can feel isolating and frustrating – but do not despair! It has recently been shown that more than 70% of all dog’s exhibit anxiety, and so it naturally follows that we have an incredible community of like-minded ‘dog people’ to offer that ear of reassurance. Unfortunately, if your off-lead dog is injured as a result of approaching a dog on-lead, legally, you are responsible for any altercation that may take place – just something to bear in mind when thinking of your recall level.

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