Compassionate Curriculum

We announced this incredible initiative back in 2020 but, like most things, it got put on hold due to the global pandemic. So you can imagine how excited we are to finally be creating this professionally-approved, educational programme, our Compassionate Curriculum!

Thanks to their generous sponsorship of one of our best-loved brand partnerships, we’ll be helping children explore and better understand the symbiotic relationship that exists between positive dog behaviour and their own mental wellbeing, while developing key skills such as empathy, compassion, kindness and understanding.

Get involved!

Educators, we need you! We’re looking for 20 passionate educators to join our Compassionate Committee and help us shape a programme that’s impactful, positive and inspiring. You’ll be on hand to discuss children’s needs at this time, assess our created content and suggest ways to deliver the programme.

Sign up to join our Compassionate Committee

Ideally, you’ll be available for virtual committee meetings between 3rd – 17th May 2021 and will be open to delivering the pilot programme within your school between 7th June – 9th July (please note this is not  an essential requirement – should you wish to lend your expertise to the planning process only, that’s OK!)

Incentives for taking part in our Compassionate Curriculum Committee:

  • First access to our Compassionate Curriculum programme
  • 1-2-1 support in delivering the programme from our Education Campaign Manager
  • Exclusive webinars discussing social action, mental wellbeing and student skills building
  • Publicity for your school during the official launch of the programme
  • Invite to key upcoming events for you and your students
  • Becoming an Ambassador School receiving special incentives for you and your students

Interested in becoming a valued Committee member? Help us get to know you with our short survey, and you’ll be signed up (sign up closes 3rd May).

If you’re not an educator but would love to support this inspiring project, then fear not!

Whilst we’re lucky to be part-funded by of one of our best-loved brand sponsors, rolling out such an impactful, important project on a nationwide scale is no small feat. To help us reach as many children as possible, please consider donating.


Perhaps you’ve witnessed the incredible bond between dog and child or perhaps your own childhood was blessed with a canine companion and you’d like to give back in their honour. Whatever you reasons, know that we’re so grateful for your generosity and can’t wait to update you all on the progress of Wild at Heart Foundation’s Compassionate Curriculum programme. Stay tuned!

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