WAHF Champion

Ferran joined Wild at Heart Foundation in May 2021 as our first ever Champion. Having grown up with dogs at his home in Foios (Spain), Ferran is a true believer of everything dog.

Ferran is besotted by his Andalusian Hound, Minnie and his gorgeous Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Lluna both of whom have given him so much in life. When we spoke to him, it was clear to see how much Ferran cares for his two gorgeous girls, saying “Since I was born, I have been surrounded by them. I don’t remember a life without their company”. He clearly shares our deep values, and sees how much compassion, and companionship dogs can offer us. We are delighted to have him representing our foundation.

Minnie and Lluna belong to both Ferran and his sister, Arantxa. Whilst the two gentle giants are residing in luxury with Arantxa, Ferran can’t stay away for long. He often has frequent visits with the ladies and uses them as a means to ‘disconnect’ from his busy life. Whilst we all know how hard it is to be away from our favourite wagging tails, this hasn’t stopped Ferran from opening his heart to the dogs of WAHF. By continuing to share our global message of compassion and care, Ferran is truly a champion on and off the pitch. We are so grateful for his continued contributions and the support of his fans and are delighted in welcoming him to the Wild at Heart Foundation Charity.

Our wonderful founder Nikki says, “We are delighted to have a player of Ferran’s level on board.” Wild at Heart Foundation is grateful for the footballer’s involvement and believes that Torres, as a player of Manchester City and the Spanish National team, will use his platform to raise awareness on a global level. The dedication and involvement of Torres paired with the Foundation’s expertise make for a strong partnership that has the power to change our world for the better.

Ferran Torres will work together to make the world a better and safer place for all street dogs. As a Champion for the Foundation, the footballer will contribute to raising awareness and working towards the rescue of stray and abandoned dogs in the face of the rising tide of cruelty, abuse and neglect.

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