• Male
  • Adolescent
  • Medium
  • UK

Age | estimated DOB 19.04.18

Height to top of head | 66cm

Weight | 20kg

Neutered | Yes

Mixing with dogs? | Yes, but would prefer to be the solo dog

Mixing with children? | No

Mixing with cats? | No

Tic-Tac in three words | Loveable cuddle monster

Tic Tac was rescued in Bahrain but is now living in foster in the South East of England – visits can be arranged for serious adopters. Please note that the UK adoption fee will apply.

Tic-Tac was found wandering the streets with his brother and both had contracted parvovirus. Unfortunately, his brother didn’t survive it, but Tic-tac battled through and is now living in foster in the UK awaiting his perfect home!

Tic Tac is a lovely dog with an incredibly sweet nature, he simply loves to cuddle up next to you on the sofa. He loves to run & play and has decent recall, although this will need to be worked on with a new adopter.

Some of Tic Tac’s favourite things include: rolling in the freshly cut grass, sunbathing in the garden, devouring a frozen kong stuffed with lots of yummy treats and jumping around with you when you play with him!

Tic Tac is looking for an experienced owner with knowledge of fear based reactivity. Tic Tac can be nervous/unsure, particularly of new dogs and other dogs within the home. With proper introductions he can mix well with dogs both inside and outside the home, but he prefers calm, well-mannered dogs. However, Tic Tac would prefer to be an only dog and have all the attention to himself as he can get a little jealous! Outside of the home, Tic Tac loves interacting & playing with other dogs but does enjoy having all the attention to himself!

Similarly, Tic Tac can be unsure of new people entering the home but with proper introductions to guests he soon feels relaxed and will befriend people.

He is currently in foster in the South East of England and enjoying this countryside way of life! Tic Tac is looking for a semi-rural/rural/countryside home where he can go on lots of quiet walks from the doorstep. He has had some distant socialisation with livestock and is interested in them but not obsessed with farm animals, showing promising signs for training.

Tic Tac has shown some resource guarding tendencies around toys and food. Tic Tac needs to eat separately from other dogs within the home. Therefore, Tic Tac needs an adopter who has experience with resource guarding.

Tic Tac isn’t the biggest fan of his harness, so lots of positive training and reassurances are needed. He walks well on the lead when out and about, and generally walks quite well on just the collar.

Tic Tac is not good with cats and could not be rehomed to a home with cats.

  • Loves a cuddle
  • Cheeky
  • Loves to play
  • Needs some training
  • Experienced owner preferred
  • Attention seeker
  • Loves to run
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