• Male
  • Adult
  • Large
  • UK

Age | estimated DOB 04/10/17

Height to top of head | 70cm

Weight | 25kg

Neutered | Yes

Breed | Shepherd type mix

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Yes

Mixing with cats? | Yes, but likes to play with cats!

Snowy in three words | Fancy feet friend

Snowy was rescued from Greece but is now living in foster in the UK – visits can be arranged for serious adopters. 

Snowy was tied up to the shelter gates overnight and found the next morning. He was rescued in October 2018 when he was around 1 year old. He didn’t appear lame at the time but in May 2019 it was sadly discovered by x-ray that Snowy may have been hit by a car before being dumped at the shelter. Snowy had a femoral head removed and the joint of his leg tidied up at the vets.

Snowy has the most gorgeous markings and is a super friendly chap. He is very confident and just desperately wants love and attention! You’ll also notice when he lays down that he crosses his paws – super fancy feet!

He has settled in great to his foster home where he is fast making friends with another Wild at Heart pup. He is particularly enjoying lying around in the garden sunbathing and he would love to go to a home where he could continue using the garden for this! Snowy could live in an urban area but he would prefer a house with a garden.

Snowy has had some exposure to children whilst in the UK and was very gentle with them. Snowy is such a gentle character, very kind and placid towards people and other dogs. He is especially good with puppies! He would love a home with a family and/or another dog to play with!

Snowy has shown interest in playing with cats, he really is friendly with everyone! Snowy could live in a home with cats but the cat would need to be dog savvy and enjoy the company of dogs. The family would need to do some training with Snowy around the appropriate way to behave around cats that don’t want to play with him.

Snowy suffers from minor car sickness because he is unsure of the car at the moment. However, he is already getting more used to short journeys and showing positive signs that this could be worked through. He has already mastered walking on the roads and doesn’t bat an eyelid.

Snowy has been seen by a vet since being in the UK and they have said he is perfectly healthy. He has a little mismatched gait to his walk from the operation and needs to build up his muscle mass, but he walks fine. He won’t be winning any agility competitions any time soon but he enjoys a little amble! Snowy will likely suffer some arthritis when older but he’s currently a very happy, healthy chappy.

  • Loves a cuddle
  • Gentle-natured
  • Friends with everyone
  • Always smiling
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