• Female
  • Adult
  • Medium
  • India

Age | Estimated DOB 04.06.2017

Height to top of head | 58cm

Weight | 10kg

Neutered | Not yet, but will be before travel

Breed | Mixed Indian Breed

Estimated size | Medium

Mixing with dogs? | No

Mixing with children? | Not tested

Mixing with cats? | No

Rocky in three words | A remarkable rescue

Please note that Rocky will not be ready to travel until November 2020, so we will not be prioritising applications until closer to the time.

Rocky is our first dog to be adopted out of India and for good reason. This special girl was severely injured whilst crossing railway tracks, perhaps in search of food or shelter, and was involved in a horrific accident that severed both her front legs.

Thankfully, she’s now with our partner shelter in India, who will be taking the very best care of her until she’s ready to travel later this year.

Despite her injuries, Rocky can get around quite comfortably on her own (just see her videos below!) and doesn’t let her disability hold her back. She’s a determined, resilient young dog who has lot’s of love to give. She’s a super friendly, affectionate girl who loves to play and has grown quite fond of her rescuer Ravi, who she likes to follow everywhere.

Rocky is food motivated, likely because food was so scarce whilst living on the streets. She will wait patiently at mealtimes and will happily take treats from your hand.

Again, because Rocky once lived on the streets where competition for food is fierce, she doesn’t like other dogs and can become aggressive if one approaches her whilst eating. As such, we will only consider homes where Rocky will be the only dog.

Rocky is one of our Remarkable Rescues: a fund dedicated to dogs with severe and shocking injuries or disabilities. As such, we are currently fundraising for her boarding, transport, treatment and aftercare. We can’t yet be certain what treatment will entail but there is the possibility of sourcing prosthetic limbs for Rocky. Any updates will be communicated through Rocky’s Rescue Appeal and will be communicated to potential adopters closer to her arrival in the UK.

  • Medical needs
  • Bundle of energy
  • Small but mighty
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