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Puffin Story
Age | around 1 year old Height to top of head | 60cm Weight | 17kg Size | Medium Neutered | Yes Breed | Likely smooth collie mix Mixing with dogs? | Yes Mixing... more

Age | around 1 year old

Height to top of head | 60cm

Weight | 17kg

Size | Medium

Neutered | Yes

Breed | Likely smooth collie mix

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Yes, although would prefer child-free home

Mixing with cats? | Not tested

Puffin in three words | Three-legged wonder boy

Please note, Puffin has been fostered in the Hertfordshire since arriving in the UK in March – visits may be arranged for serious potential adopters.

Gorgeous Puffin is the most loveable of dogs. With his gentle soul, his big brown puppy eyes, and his love of snuggles, it’s hard not to fall for this fluffy young man.

At only 1 year old, he’s had a traumatic start to life, losing a leg in a road accident as only a small puppy. He was discovered with his brother and the missing leg was still a raw, exposed wound – how long he’d suffered with this painful injury we don’t know, but fortunately he was rushed to the vets and his leg was amputated in time.

Thankfully, Puffin gets along swimmingly on just three legs – he doesn’t seem to notice the difference. He runs and plays with other dogs with all the speed and enthusiasm of his four-legged friends, and it doesn’t effect his health or quality of life in any way: his three-legged zoomies are a joy to behold! The only quirk his disability causes is that he struggles to scratch his own left ear… this has led him to develop the ridiculously cute habit of coming up to you and waggling his left stump to indicate that he’d like you to give him a good old scratch, please!!

Having been through such a harrowing early experience, Puffin can understandably be nervous of new things. After 6 months in foster, he’s built up more resilience and confidence than we could have imagined for the timid soul who first stepped off the plane from Bahrain – he has really come out of his shell and, once he feels comfortable and safe, is full of goofy, soppy personality. But he is still easily startled by new things and will need someone who understands that a little patience and reassurance goes a long way.

Puffin is now looking for a life that can provide more quiet and consistency than his current home is able to offer. He thrives on consistency, and feels most himself when he knows the environment around him, and doesn’t have to live in fear of any unexpected surprises. He would be best suited to a quiet, rural / semi-rural life – he especially loves walking off lead in the woods and fields, so would love a home that can let him live the country dream. He is understandably wary of traffic and busy streets after his accident, so his daily exercise will need to consist of mostly-rural walking.

Puffin is very food-motivated, and his a really smart cookie – he’s already mastered sit, down, wait, watch, and paw. His recall is brilliant, and he loves long walks in the woods. He is a dream with other dogs and is yet to meet any dog of any sex or size that hasn’t got along with him! He adores his foster sister, and draws a lot of confidence from her, so would be delighted to find a home with another friendly dog to keep him company and show him the ropes.

Whilst he loves fuss and strokes from people (see the video below!), he can be wary at first and prefers to familiarise himself with strangers at his own pace. He gets scared if approached too quickly by people he doesn’t know and, whilst he’s never shown aggression, he’ll bark to signal his discomfort which can be startling for those who aren’t used to dogs and their signals. However, if given his own space and not rushed into it, he is always happy to make his way over for a stroke and a sniff after a moment or two. He’s already a lot more resilient around new people, and we’re sure in time he’ll learn to be his happy, wagging self from the off.

Aside from his loud warning bark, Puffin is a quiet and gentle chap and has always been calm around the babies and young children he’s met. That said, we recommend that he lives in a child-free home where he’s less likely to get spooked by unexpected noises or well-meaning but boisterous visitors!

New adopters should be aware that it may take a couple of weeks for Puffin to settle into his new home, and he’s likely to bark when startled until he gets used to his new surroundings – but with gentle reassurance (his healthy love of treats and strokes helps here!) and lots of love and cuddles, he’ll soon relax and will have his favourite spot on the sofa marked out in no time. Rest assured, once he feels safe and loved, this dog will return your love 100 times over.

Puffin is the most loyal, sweet and affectionate boy, with a cheeky side underneath the timid first impression, and a heart of pure gold. He will be sincerely missed by his foster family!!

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  • Available to visit
  • Gentle-natured
  • Nervous
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