• Female
  • Puppy
  • Medium
  • UK

Age | estimated DOB 17/05/19

Height to top of head | 56cm

Weight | 16kg

Neutered| No

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Yes

Mixing with cats? | Yes

Poppy in three words | Third time lucky!

Poppy (was Sunday) came over from Greece earlier this year with her ‘days of the week’ siblings, and settled into a home here in the UK. She’s adapted well to life as an adopted pup, and has picked up her training like a pro. She now sleeps through the night and is fully housetrained, and her recall is good enough that she can enjoy off lead walks – what a quick learner!

Sadly, Poppy’s adopters are no longer able to manage owning a dog and have made the difficult decision to help find her another home. Poppy is a very friendly and affectionate dog, who will make the most wonderful companion. She’s great with people, loves meeting new visitors to the house, and has enjoyed being around her current owners’ young grandchildren. As a puppy, she can be a bit boisterous when excited as all growing dogs are, but she’s proven herself very trustworthy around little ones.

She loves playing with her toys (especially her favourite chew toys) and is great with other dogs. In fact, she would be very happy to live alongside another dog she could play with. She loves her walks and is looking for a home where she can enjoy getting out the house, exploring, and playing to her heart’s content.

Poppy is food motivated which makes her very easy to train. She’s picked up a few tricks in the short time she’s been here, and would love to keep learning. Her love of food means she can sometimes get protective over her meals and more high-value treats, but this is a trait that is common in rescue dogs as they settle into their new environment – with a bit of time and training, Poppy will learn that no one’s planning to take her treats away from her!

There’s little that Poppy doesn’t like – even the dreaded bathtime has become something she’s learned to like (well, perhaps tolerate is a better word!) thanks to her owners frequent handling. She can be nervous of new sounds, but is proving to be a resilient dog – she tends to sit and wait when she hears something that startles her, until working out that the coast is clear and carrying on when she feels safe again.

Poppy is a wonderful dog who is hoping that her next home will be forever. Could you be her “third time lucky”?

Poppy is currently living in Buckinghamshire – a meet-up could be arranged for serious prospective adopters.

  • Available to visit
  • Food motivated
  • Loves to play
  • Friends with everyone
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