• Female
  • Adolescent
  • Medium
  • Bahrain

Age | estimated DOB 01/02/19

Height to top of head | 50cm

Weight | 14kg

Neutered | Yes

Mixing with dogs? | Yes, although can be a little timid

Mixing with children? | Not tested

Mixing with cats? | Not tested

Oreo in three words | Sweet shy girl

Oreo was found roaming the streets by one of the shelter workers. When Oreo was found she was in relatively good condition so it is believed that she may have been dumped recently by her previous owner, or that she was purposefully bred and the breeder didn’t like the look of her, so discarded her.

Oreo is very shy and takes a while to warm to people. Oreo may have potentially been abused by a previous owner and so she needs patience and understanding in order to form trust. But underneath Oreo’s shy exterior reveals a very loving dog with a sweet, gentle and kind soul. She longs for a kind person to show her all the love she has missed out on.

Once you get to know Oreo she is very playful, loves to run free and splash around in the paddling pool. She loves chewing her toys and playing with her friends.

Oreo can be unsure of new dogs but once she knows them she is very happy to play.

  • Gentle-natured
  • Loves to play
  • Timid
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