• Male
  • Adult
  • Small
  • Bulgaria

Age | estimated DOB 07/06/17

Height to top of head | 40cm

Weight | 10kg

Neutered| Yes

Breed | Mixed

Size | Small

Mixing with dogs? | Would prefer to be the only dog

Mixing with children? | Not tested

Mixing with cats? | Not tested

Mincho in three words | Learning the rules

Mincho was living outside a hotel complex in Bulgaria. He would stand in the front door and literally get under guests and employees feet in order to get some attention and scraps! Everyone at the hotel loved him but he was being a bit of a nuisance, and non-dog loving guests didn’t appreciate him. Our partner shelter collected him from the hotel complex and brought him straight to a foster home local to the shelter and now he is living at the shelter awaiting his forever home!

Mincho is such a sweetheart with an unending love for people – he just constantly wants to cuddle and be as close to you as possible. Mincho loves being doted upon and his favourite thing is having a brush & good scrub in the bath tub!

Mincho isn’t the best around other dogs, likely because he is fearful / nervous of them. He is particularly unsure around large dogs and reacts aggressively if any dogs go near his food. He has just been neutered so behaviour towards dogs could change. He’s been at our partner shelter for just over a week now and this time has gone well, although he prefers to relax in his own space and be away from other dogs. Mincho would love to be the centre of your world and have all the attention as the only pet in the household.

Mincho does have a bad habit of mouthing at people’s ankles for attention, likely a puppy behaviour he never grew out of because he wasn’t around mum & siblings to learn. Once he understands he shouldn’t do this, he does stop but this behaviour won’t disappear overnight and any adopter will need to continue teaching him the rules.

Mincho hasn’t had socialisation around children and due to his resource guarding behaviour we will only be considering experienced dog owners without children

  • Loves a cuddle
  • Needs some training
  • Experienced owner preferred
  • Nervous but loving
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