• Female
  • Puppy
  • Small
  • Greece - Lesvos

Age | estimated DOB 10/12/19

Height to top of head | Currently 30cm (measured 02.04.2020)

Weight | Currently 4kg (measured 02.04.2020)

Estimated size | Small

Neutered| No, too young

Breed | Mixed

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Not tested

Mixing with cats? | Yes

Karma in three words | Where to start…!

Karma and her siblings were found in a canvas sack, dumped in the middle of a desolate place in Lesvos. Two women were driving by one day and stopped to pick some flowers and they stumbled upon the puppies when they heard them crying. The puppies were unharmed, clean and very familiar with people so they were likely part of a family before being dumped. Our partner shelter took them in and, as they were so young, they are living in her home (and creating lots of mischief!) awaiting their day for adoption.

Karma is a very quiet pup and loves following her shelter mum around, waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump into her lap for cuddles!

However, she also has cheeky personality and isn’t very obedient so far – she becomes particularly mischievous when she knows she is doing wrong and lives to entertain. Karma is a tough little playmate, she is always up for rough and tumble play with her sibling, Kodiak. These two can often be found chasing around after each other, usually in a bid for their favourite toy! They also love to chase each other for their training pads (and shred them to pieces!)

Karma especially likes snoozing on the kitchen floor tiles when it is warm, playing bitey-face with her sibling Kenzo and is a keen digger.

  • Live wire
  • Bundle of energy
  • Good with other dogs
  • Full of beans
  • Bouncy
  • Toy fan
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