• Female
  • Puppy
  • Medium
  • Bahrain

Age | estimated DOB 18.03.2020

Height to top of head | currently 40cm (measured 11.05.2020)

Weight | currently 11kg (measured 11.05.2020)

Estimated size | Medium when fully grown

Neutered | No, too young

Breed | Saluki type mix

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Older children only

Mixing with cats? | Not tested

Jordan in three words | A total cutie

Jordan’s mother was given to the shelter by someone who had allergies and could no longer look after her. She told the shelter that she had sterilised the dog but it turned out that the mother was already pregnant. She was then taken into foster care so that the puppies were not born in the shelter. Jordan and her siblings were all born in a loving home and still remain in foster – you might remember the pups as our instagram ‘Puppy Cam Pups’. Well, they are now old and strong enough to make the journey to their forever homes!

Jordan and her siblings are still fairly young so their personality is still developing. At the moment Jordan is incredibly friendly and gentle natured. She has an adorable personality and loves having attention from people. She also enjoys chasing around after her siblings and the other foster dogs.

All the puppies are very different in looks – Jordan is black and white with a cute little black spot on the top of her head!

Jordan hasn’t had socialisation with cats nor young children. She is currently living in a home with a teenager and gets on very well them. For this reason, we will only be considering homes with older children.

Jordan won’t be ready to travel to an adoptive home until July/August 2020.

  • Loves a cuddle
  • Loves to play
  • Friends with everyone
  • Top of the class
  • Full of beans
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