• Male
  • Puppy
  • Large
  • Greece - Lesvos

Age | estimated DOB 01/11/19

Height to top of head | Currently 60cm (measured 02.04.2020)

Weight | Currently 11kg (measured 02.04.2020)

Estimated size | Medium/Large

Neutered| No, too young

Breed | Mixed

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Not tested

Mixing with cats? | Not tested

Iggy in three words | Loves his food

Iggy and his siblings were abandoned in a small village near Mytilene, Lesvos. They were then relocated to an old castle in Mytilene where a lot of stray dogs live but they were so young and, as such, were in extreme danger from older & bigger strays. When our partner in Lesvos found out this information, she stepped in and took them into her care at the shelter. Iggy isn’t the best around food with other dogs and resource guards so will be going into a foster home in Lesvos to work on this.

Iggy is a lovely pup with medium energy levels. He enjoys playing with his friends and has a gentle and kind nature with people. He loves human attention, is very eager to learn and has great potential for training, especially aided with the help of food!

However, Iggy can become jealous around food and tends to resource guard food around other dogs. For this reason, Iggy would prefer a home where he is the only dog, or an experienced dog home that would know how to manage and train Iggy not to feel threatened by this.

Iggy is the biggest of his litter.

  • Loves a cuddle
  • Food motivated
  • Friends with everyone
  • Loves a snack
  • Clever clogs
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