• Male
  • Adult
  • Medium
  • Greece

Age | estimated DOB 01/05/15

Height to top of head | 63cm

Weight | 16kg

Size | Medium

Neutered| Yes

Breed | Segugio Italiano type mix

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Not tested

Mixing with cats? | Not tested

Hunter in three words | Happy go lucky

Hunter was living with someone who was unfit to look after dogs. The police removed his three dogs, including Hunter, and brought them to the shelter. Now Hunter is awaiting the loving home he always deserved.

Hunter is a confident boy with a very waggy tail. A super friendly chap with a heart of gold! He is very social and always loves having attention from you. He likes being taken for short walks away from the shelter but of course doesn’t get too many of these unfortunately.

By estimated breed type, Hunter is very likely to have aspects of a typical hunting dog and be guided by his nose! He’s likely to be quite prey driven and recall likely to be challenging given he is already 5 years old and set in his ways. He is not suitable for an urban lifestyle and would benefit from good access to interesting walks.

Hunter is good with the other dogs he came to the shelter with, so could potentially be rehomed to a home with a resident dog.

To our knowledge, Hunter hasn’t had socialisation around children before so we will not be considering homes with young children for him. Similarly, given his estimated breed mix we won’t be considering homes with cats or small animals.

  • Food motivated
  • Loves to play
  • Loves long walks
  • Up for adventure
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