• Female
  • Puppy
  • Small
  • Greece - Lesvos

Age | estimated DOB 10/12/19

Height to top of head | Currently 40cm (measured 10.03.2020)

Weight | Currently 4.8kg (measured 10.03.2020)

Estimated size | Small

Neutered| No, too young

Breed | Mixed

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Not tested

Mixing with cats? | Yes

Hilary in three words | A keen climber

Hilary and her siblings were abandoned in a remote, rural area of Lesvos without their mother. They were found by locals terribly malnourished and all had demodex mange. They were taken into foster to start their treatment and now Hilary is fully recovered and healthy again and at our main partner shelter, ready to find a new home.

Hilary takes her name from the famous Sir Edmund Hilary, a keen mountaineer and explorer, because she has scaled the heights of her 70cm puppy pen to get out and explore since day one of being rescued. Hilary loves trying to play with the older dogs but when they aren’t interested and again her, she climbs back into the puppy pen with her siblings! One thing is for sure – this pup has character in abundance!

Hilary is a little timid around people but not scared. She has a more independent spirit within her and isn’t the cuddliest of pups but she won’t reject cuddles either.

Hilary loves following her foster mum around the house, ever hopeful of some dropped treats or chicken! Hilary isn’t the biggest fan of kibble and prefers wet food/chicken. Hilary loves to explore and constantly runs to the balcony of the house to sniff around outside (and dig up plants!)

Hilary isn’t fond of car journeys but with some reassurance and training we are sure she could overcome these fears.

  • Cheeky
  • Food motivated
  • Explorer
  • Clever clogs
  • Full of beans
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