• Male
  • Adult
  • Medium
  • UK

Age | estimated DOB 05/05/2017

Height to top of head | 60cm

Weight | 18kg

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Not tested

Mixing with cats? | Not tested

Diego in three words | Loves to learn

Diego originally came from Bosnia but is now living in the UK – visits can be arranged for serious adopters.

Diego was rescued from Bosnia and adopted in 2017 but, sadly, his owners have recently arrived at the decision that Diego would be able to thrive in a different home.

Diego has a super personality and is very playful and always up for fun; he enjoys jumping through fields of long grass like a gazelle and is also a keen swimmer, enjoying surfing the waves at the beach! He loves a ball, being chased and also playing hide and seek.

Diego is extremely intelligent and picks up commands and tricks very quickly. He is an absolute dream to walk; he enjoys chasing through the woods after squirrels but also has fantastic recall and is eager to please. Diego would be best suited to a home where the owner could teach him lots of commands, keep him busy and give him ‘jobs’ to do because this is when he feels most comfortable.

Diego unfortunately has a few areas where he struggles. Around strangers, Diego will react if they try to touch him or get too close. He also struggles within enclosed spaces and dislikes sudden movements.

He also shows resource guarding behaviour and will not allow anyone to remove or play with a toy/chew. He can also become possessive of space and is known to react to other dogs that get too close.

Diego adores the company of other dogs and regularly goes on group walks with his dog walker where he never tires of playing chase. He can sometimes be wary of big, fluffy dogs but with some encouragement he soon befriends them. In regard to Diego’s resource guarding, he feels less stressed when around other dogs that are dominant because he does not feel the need to protect/guard. However, once alone again, his resource guarding behaviour becomes apparent.

Diego is very calm and relaxed whilst at home and loves to cuddle up on the sofa with his favourite people.

As Diego doesn’t cope well with busy environments or areas, he would be best suited to a home in a rural environment where his owner could work on these anxieties slowly.

  • Loves a cuddle
  • Available to visit
  • Bundle of energy
  • Loves to play
  • Top of the class
  • Needs some training
  • Experienced owner preferred
  • Rural home needed
  • Good with other dogs
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