• Female
  • Adult
  • Medium
  • Greece - Lesvos

Age | estimated DOB 01.01.2018

Height to top of head | 45cm

Weight | 13kg

Size | Medium

Neutered | Not yet, but will be before travel

Breed | Mixed

Mixing with dogs? | Yes, but dominant personality

Mixing with children? | Older children only

Mixing with cats? | Yes

Dessy in three words | A little misunderstood

Please note that Dessy will not be ready for adoption / ready to travel yet so any adoption applications will not be prioritised for a few weeks.

Dessy was previously owned by a young couple with very young kids who lived in the local village. Dessy was originally cared for but the relationship broke down and Dessy found herself alone and chained outside of a foster carers cafe in Lesvos. We are unsure what Dessy has had to endure in her previous life but the whole turn of events has obviously affected Dessy. She originally showed a fear based reactivity towards anyone that tried to get close to her but through a lot of patience and time, our foster carer in Lesvos managed to win her trust and introduced Dessy to another foster carer who could give her the undivided love and attention she needs to start trusting people. It took her current foster carer many days to even be able to get near Dessy as she showed the same fear based reactivity, and likely will towards any new people and strangers. Through giving her the time she needs, Dessy eventually came around and now loves her foster but still struggles to bond with new people.

Dessy is ready to find her forever home in the UK but she will need an experienced owner with previous experience of fear based reactivity & nervous dogs as she is likely to regress temporarily again and be reluctant with new adopters. Once she builds trust, she is 110% devoted to her family, so much so that she can be a little territorial and protective of them.

Dessy is extremely intelligent and benefits from a strict routine. Once she knows you she is cuddly, affectionate and follows you everywhere! She also loves to indulge in a treat – this is the real way to her heart!

Dessy can be jealous around other dogs and she generally prefers to have all the attention to herself! She would prefer to be the only dog in the household, or be around a relaxed and submissive resident dog that will let her be top dog!

Although Dessy was originally living with young children, she has been through a lot since and her fear of sudden movements, loud noises & strangers makes her unsuitable for living with young children now. Dessy would prefer a home with adults only, or at least teenage children who are dog savvy.

Dessy was treated for erlichia, a tick borne disease, when she was first rescued and is now back to full health. She isn’t the biggest fan of the vets!

  • Food motivated
  • Small but mighty
  • Experienced owner preferred
  • Timid
  • Clever clogs
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