• Male
  • Puppy
  • Large
  • Bahrain

Age | estimated DOB 01.04.2020

Height to top of head | currently 60cm (measured 23.06.2020)

Weight | currently 10kg (measured 23.06.2020)

Estimated size | Large when fully grown

Neutered | Yes

Breed | Saluki / Labrador type mix

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Yes

Mixing with cats? | Yes

Claude in three words | Likes his voice

Please note that Claude will not be ready for adoption / ready to travel until at least October so any adoption applications will not be prioritised just yet.

Claude was rescued with his friend Abby from Askar, an isolated desert area, by our partner shelter in Bahrain.

Claude is incredibly cuddly and kind – he loves nothing more than to nestle his head into your shoulder and be stroked. However, he’s is so devoted that he does get jealous of other dogs having the attention and races over to steal the attention away from them! Although he is very good with his friend, Abby, and they eat from the same bowl so can learn to share.

Claude is a confident and cheeky little chap – he’s a little vocal and will whine for attention and talk back to you when he doesn’t want to do something. He has a habit of sitting, watching the window and barking at people coming and going – very much thinks of himself as a guard dog, despite being ever so friendly!

He also loves being talked to and sitting in the kitchen whilst his foster mum cooks dinner, longingly hoping for a dropped morsel! He loves going for short walks with his family and also has an appetite for fresh strands of grass… but also enjoys delicious meat treats.

Claude is currently living in a home with a young child and gets on well with him. He is also living with his best friend, Claude, who he was rescued with, along with various other dogs. He gets on well with them all but he loves Abby the most.

Claude is good with the cats he lives with but does chase passing by cats away. He could potentially live in a home with a cat, but the cat would need to be confident and the family experienced in helping cats and dogs happily coexist.

Being a Saluki type mix, she is likely to have a high prey drive, so any adopters that live in countryside areas around livestock should appreciate that dedicated recall training may be needed.Abby is currently living in a home with a young child and gets on well with him. She is also living with her best friend, Claude, who she was rescued with, along with various other dogs. She gets on well with them all but she adores Claude the most.

  • Bundle of energy
  • Quick learner
  • Adores people
  • Attention seeker
  • Toy fan
  • Vocal
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