• Male
  • Puppy
  • Medium
  • Bahrain

Age | estimated DOB 19.12.2019

Height to top of head | currently 50cm (measured 21.04.2020)

Weight | currently 10kg (measured 21.04.2020)

Estimated size | Medium-large when fully grown

Neutered | No, too young

Breed | Saluki/Labrador type mix

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Yes

Mixing with cats? | Yes

Bear in three words | Loves to run

Bear and his sibling, Bella, were found on the side of road in Bahrain together. Being so little and obviously a very dangerous place for any dog, they were both rescued by our partner shelter. Bear is now living in a foster home in Bahrain and lapping up all the attention of his foster family!

Bear is full of energy and delights in being able to chase around with his sister in the garden! Bear would be the perfect companion for someone who loves the outdoors as he is very active!

Bear socialises with all dogs and loves playing. He also likes chewing his toys and bedding down next to you after a long day for cuddles and a nap.

Bear is a curious little cub and loves exploring the outdoors. He enjoys being outside, laying on the grass with his sister and instigating play time.

Like his sister, Bear can be a little startled by loud noises and hectic places so would be best suited at least a semi-rural home.

  • Gentle-natured
  • Bundle of energy
  • Loves to play
  • Wants a friend!
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