• Female
  • Puppy
  • Medium
  • Bahrain

Age | estimated DOB 08.06.2019

Height to top of head | TBC

Weight | 13kg

Neutered | Yes

Breed | Husky type mix

Mixing with dogs? | Yes

Mixing with children? | Yes

Mixing with cats? | Not tested

Alexis in three words | A lucky escape

Alexis was found after likely running away from her owner. It is obvious that she had been used for breeding puppies and had just recently given birth to another litter. She was just skin and bones when she was found but our partner shelter took her in and she is now fitter than ever and back to full health.

Alexis loves people and gets very excited when people visit her pen. She is so sweet and cuddly and a lovely natured dog.

Being typical Husky characteristics, she is extremely smart and picks up commands very quickly. She is full of energy and would need an active home who enjoyed being outdoors often.

Alexis is great with all dogs, both big and small and enjoys playing with them.

  • Food motivated
  • Friends with everyone
  • Adores people
  • Full of beans
  • Up for adventure
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