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You’re one step away from kick-starting your adoption process and submitting your adoption form. But before we get there, we want to take a moment to explain our new waiting list system to you.

We’re currently experiencing a record influx of enquiries – an average of 1,500 each month! Whilst we’re delighted that so many people are interested in adopting a dog, we’re also conscious that this increase in interest, as well as complications and challenges caused by COVID-19, are causing longer wait times than we’d like.

Introducing the adoption waiting list

We’re introducing a waiting list system to ensure both fairness and full transparency. Once you’ve completed your adoption form, you’ll be invited to join: **please make sure you add yourself to the list once your form is submitted to ensure a place in our current adoption queue** 

Once you’ve added yourself, you’ll be able to review your position in the queue, as well as currently estimated wait times. We’ll also send you an update when you’re nearing the top of the list. We’re hopeful that this new feature will provide a better insight into current wait times and will allow you to check on the progress of your application whenever you like.

You’ll receive more information about how to join the waiting list as soon as you’ve completed your form. Please make sure you enter a valid email address on both your adoption form and your waiting list submission, and remember to check your Junk / Spam / Other folder after you submit your form if you can’t find your introductory email.

So if you’re still ready to go, then let’s get started!

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